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Description:   GNU .NET is a C++ implementation of the .NET functionality for GNU compilers. As soon as I get a hang on Gtk+, I will have it less Windows-oriented.

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Lineage 2 Password Generator Vb.NET/C# This small application demonstrates Lineage 2 player passwords. Uses the one basic function. The goal is crypt plain passwords. SHA1 and Base64. Also you can use this function for your own applications. C# Vb.NET Projects Visual Studio 2008 - 2010

Phonetix.Net Phonetix.Net is a C# class-library of phonetic algorithms, implementing Soundex, Metaphone and DoubleMetaphone, with adapters for Lucene.Net. It is a port of the Java-based Phonetix library.

SharpNuke.NET SharpNuke.NET (aka. SNN) is an open source Web Portal/CMS written in ASP.NET / C#. Initial release will target a straight port of the popular DotNetNuke (DNN), a VB.NET web portal system. Future releases will include both Windows and Linux Mono.

ThreadMessaging.NET ThreadMessaging.NET is a small library framework for advanced transparent interthread and interprocess (also remote) messaging and communication in the .NET/C# World and provides safe implementations of various messaging and data flow structures.

URL Shortener for ASP.NET A URL shorterner for ASP.NET / C# that works in the same way as TinyURL and Implemented as a ASPX page (for redirecting shortened URLs to their destination) and a Web Service (to be used as an API for creating / retrieving shortened URLs). ...

User Story.NET User Story.NET is a tracker and manager for Extreme Programming Projects. It tracks the User Story or User Stories of a project. It is currently written in ASP.NET / C# on a Microsoft SQL server. c# website hot millions project is an c# sql express website where you can login and book and order your menu items. This project is built in Visual studio 2008 with c# sql express edition This project is built by Vipul Malhotra hot millions project ...

BEEPCore.NET BEEPCore.NET is a C# library implementing the BEEP protocol and its TCP bindings, as defined in RFC 3080 and RFC 3081. The initial code is a translation of beepcore-java.

Comic.NET Comic.NET is a WebComic CMS written in ASP.NET and C#. It povides a flexible solution, easy to adapt to any kind of setup. It uses Textile formatting by default for news/blog entries. The Textile formatter is available as a standalone library.

GNU Scientific Library in Ch The Ch GSL package is a Ch binding to the GNU Scientific C Library. Ch GSL enables all functions in the GNU Scientific C Library to run in Ch interpretively without compilation. It is ideal for programmersrequiring algorithms available from GSL.

GNSS Software Signal Simulator: GPS-Gyan This work presents an objected oriented system design and modeling (OOSDM) framework for reliable and flexible system design. *Can generate raw signals at desired IF.*Use GPSTk Libraries* Allow multiple receiver simulation* 12 Channels Can simulate complete Error Models for SignalIonosphere, troposphere, Phase windup, Phase center, ...

GNU BIS GNU BIS is a project to create an open source corporate portal. Right now it includes a collaborative framework for contact (not only customer!) relationship management. The next releases will include project management, products and services.

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